Chris Langisms

Chris Lang Downtown Denver Spring 2013

This is the jackass your mother warned you about…

There is only honor among thieves while they are in Prison.

Hardwear and Softwear The idea that WEARable technology will be come part of you.

Inspired by and in a comment to Mike Elgan on Google+.

Optimism is the belief you WILL win. Hope is the belief that you CAN win. Pessimism is the belief that some outside force will NEVER let you… – 6-22-2014

Inspired by a post by David Amerland.

“They have the moral compass of toilet water; They go with the flow–“ – 4/1/2014

“Tough times are tough, those left standing are tougher…” – 4-2-2013

Borrowed but used highly :]

“When it comes to getting traction online, you actually do want to preach to the choir, not to the bar next to the church.” – 2-27-2012

“One half will jump on your bandwagon, the other half will chase it with torches…” – 2-28-2012

“Socialed experts” As in ‘So called social media experts’ – 10-16-2012

“Social Masturbation” – 10-03–2012

The stimulation of one’s self through outside manipulation. Mainly counting how many followers you have on G+, Twitter and Facebook.

“Most people spend their time counting how many friends they have. When instead they should count how many–they–have been a good friend to…” – 9-14-2012

“Want to make money online? Then spend time with people that pay… not people that play.” – 9-03-2012

“Marketing Incest” — circa 2009

Each time a new concept is claimed as thier own (read ripped off) by the next instant expert, it gets one step closer to being illegal and should not be done in public.

“Some days I just want to beat my computer on the concrete.” – 1/1/1999

Shortly after buying my first machine and getting the Internet.