If People Could Read Your Thought’s Would You Think Differently?

David Amerland posed the question:

“What If You Could See Thoughts? What would change for you exactly?”

So I began to think of it more like:

“What if my thoughts could be seen? What kind of world would that be?”

Image of the Google fence...

  • A world where you have to be tolerant of everyone and stand for nothing lest you be mis-judged for your beliefs.
  • A world where a ruling class decides if what you do, what you have to say and what you have to say about it is seen by anyone or no-one at all.
  • A world where you can’t observe your religious beliefs because “The State” says so.
  • A world where bullies rule and no one will stand up to them lest the bully turn on you!
  • A world where your every move is monitored, as you are constantly watched by hidden agents.
  • A world where your mail is opened, read and then decisions are made as to if and when it will be delivered, where it will be delivered to and to whom? Or maybe if it will just go in the trash?
  • A world where everything is objectionable to everyone.
  • Sounds like Germany in the 1930s doesn’t it?

    NOPE! It’s 2015 where Google decides what you see in search. Where Facebook decides what you see in your NewsFeed and what of yours is seen in other’s. 2015 where they used to jail bloggers in the Middle East in 2008; But now instead, just blocks Twitter. A world where Gmail can destroy your reputation with banner alerts of Malware, Phishing or Spam just because some algorithm decides so. And all the while our phones record our every movement…

    A Case In Point:

    A friend of mine, an Internet professional with a giant positive reputation over 15 years, with a opt in only email list; Who sent a plea to his list for donations to his niece’s cancer fund. This is what Gmail displayed to his email subscribers:

    Gmail false positive phishing banner

    So I pose this question in return David Amerland?

    In the world we live in today, no one needs to see our thoughts…

    Because right now in 2015 the machines already can change our opinions based on what they algorithmically show us. Make us believe things that may not true, as algorithms re-write our history as it happens depending on who they decide should be seen, when we will see it and insert their own observations and their opinions as to the quality of our communications.

    The machines already see our thoughts David, and they are telling us what thoughts to think, before we think them! Or maybe not to think at all…

    One comment on “If People Could Read Your Thought’s Would You Think Differently?

    1. Excellent thoughts, mate, and the email example is perfect. I’m tired of having to correct Google’s belief that an email from my wife about our kids’ swimming lessons is a ploy to steal my password.

      And now I read that Google has applied for the patent to determine your web ranking based on your email marketing style? Hey, Google – piss off already, you’re clearly drunk on power and Alphabet soup….

      Cheers for making me think this morning!