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PLENZES – Augmented Reality Augmented Insanity is available on Google Play / Books and Amazon and GoodReads


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Book description

The Company almost owns your very soul it seems as the drones watch your every move, while you struggle to keep your family’s lights and water on, meanwhile watching the price of the power rise bill to bill. It’s a dark world only 10 years in the future. This is the world Stuart Pauls sees predicted by his machines, sees in his PLENZES.

Stuart’s machines tell him he is the programmer with the ultimate solution that can stave off this bleak decade only he can imagine. As 2014 comes to an end, Stuart is locked in a race with the big five of computing, struggling to be the one to deliver the first augmented reality contact lens.

He begins to fold under the pressure, the endless coding and his never ending failures as the lenses-dubbed PLENZES-begin to take shape and functionality. Stuart slowly succumbs to the paranoia, desperation and maybe a little too much time alone with his software, his machines and his wife.

Soon, Googling for information is to be a thing of the past. Much like books and email, Google will fade, a thing only old people still use. Your PLENZES tell you what you need to know before you need to know it. Or so Stuart’s machines tell him.

The PLENZES’ augmented reality is a live, direct yet indirect, view of your now virtual environment. Your PLENZES provide you with real time alerts to danger, fun, sex, excitement, breaking information your career can’t do without and for Stuart and his wife at times, it’s too good to be true.

The years go by and Stuart and his wife become less and less a part of this world and more and more a part of the PLENZE network. They both begin to wonder; are the PLENZES the way to freedom in the dystopian future his software predicts? Or is Stuart being manipulated by an outside force and the cause of all this to come?

PLENZES – Augmented Reality Augmented Insanity is a novella about our fascination with technology, our dependence on answers provided by machines, the terror and the hope that comes in a unique look into a place not too far from this world, from this time and from Stuart Pauls.

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PLENZES – Birth Of The Machines

PLENZES - Birth of the Machines book cover 179 X 285

PLENZES - Birth of the Machines book cover full resolution

TOM – Dreams Of Horror



Book description:

A failed writer begins one story after another in his Denver basement office, as winter and a deadline begins closing in just before halloween.

The leaves begin to fall and his neighbors begin decorating their porches and lawns, but he can’t seem to make it beyond the kitchen at the top of the stairs where he goes each day to feed his two new kittens, Rocky and Rusty.

Desperately trying to get a book to market before he misses his best season, one story after another begins to take shape then is dashed on the rocks of depression. A depression that takes him again and again just as it seems to take his stories that suddenly quit telling their chilling tales.

Out of sheer desperation, he begins to tell his two kittens about TOM, a character from one of his many stories that started out so well, but again a story he could never finish.

Much like other great horror stories surrounding a blocked writer, he realizes that his failed stories -if he can just string them all together- might be just what he is after.

And so- our little story begins.

Six short stories tell us of TOM’s pain, his past and finally a present and future, as first a guy that ran out of gas, a visit to happy hour gone terribly wrong, his high school bully and the cat that never came home on another Halloween two decades ago, all come to visit TOM in the basement.

TOM – Dreams Of Horror is a novella that looks at all of us, our ability to love others and the ability to love one’s self as the writer takes us on six short rides into the darkness of his life, of lives imagined and the process that the famous and the unknown writer must go through as they labor to scare the life out of us all.

TOM Dreams Of Horror book cover

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